Friday, April 02, 2010

Wrapping up a Good Friday

Wow, Good Friday is such a powerful day. As Christians, it is the day that Christ died for us. Death is ended! On this good friday, we celebrated Grayson's birthday with his friends and it was fun and beautiful. What I want to focus on is that this morning Grayson met with Peter and our pastor and made a profession of faith. I mean what could be more wonderful than that? As a mom, this is the thing you are praying and hoping for long before even meeting your child. So, Grayson got to take communion for the 1st time at the Good Friday service, tonight. My heart is full of emotion over the fact that Christ died for me. He died for me. And He died for my Peter and my Lillian and my Grayson. And what does it really matter what Grayson did at his party? He knows the King. My sweet Grayson knows the King. And so we wait for the King to rise again in all of His glory. And after He is risen, I'll tell you how we rejoiced in Grayson being an image bearer of the King by celebrating him.

God is so good and I wish I could hold on to daily this question... What does it matter in light of eternity? I should ask that question more. So little that I worry my self with matters in light of eternity.

Lillian told Peter that she got some things at the Good Friday service that she had never understood before... She said, "Uncle Brian is asking Jesus every day. Is this the day that you come back?" Peter said, "And Jesus says at the end of the day. Today, wasn't the day." And Brian says, "Maybe tomorrow?" Jesus says, "Maybe tomorrow." Maybe it will be tomorrow. If it isn't tomorrow, we will wait and we will worship. Our pastor, Kurt, once said, "There is worship in the waiting." We know who wins the battle. Let us rejoice! He will rise and reign victorious and this life will be but a shadow. The reality of what Christ died for in my life has never been as clear as this year. I can not wait to rejoice on Sunday. It will be richer.


Tirzah said...

thanks Melanie.

KJames said...

So encouraging in so many ways. I'm with Tirzah-thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Melanie, for telling about Lillian realizing that about Brian. It means so much to Bill and I when you tell us about Brian and his witness while he was on earth. I can just see him asking Jesus "if today is the day?" As you talk about your life with Lillian and Grayson, it bring such sweet memories of our raising Brian and the way the Lord blessed our son. He accepted the Lord when he was 2 and 1/2 years old and we will love to tell the grands how that happened. He and his brother Allen were such joys to have as our children. Also Andy and Peter. The Lord blessed Bill and I by saving our 4 sons with His salvation. They were special boys!!!
Love in Him,