Monday, April 05, 2010

Peter-never a dull guy!

If you know Peter at all, you know he keeps things hopping at our house. He never ceases to surprise me with his ideas or responses. He makes me belly laugh on a regular basis. Last night, he took it to a new level. We do a phone Sonship meeting every other week. We are required to do a Bible study and e-mail in our answers. Last night Peter finished then headed to bed. I said I would stay up and finish mine. I had napped and wasn't too sleepy. So, I was in a nice calm, happy place after doing my Bible study and walked through the dark house to our bedroom. I opened the hall door which sticks a little. This door is a way that Peter hopes to be alerted if we have an intruder in the night. He knew I was up and went to bed. I guess he forgot. When I opened the door and started down the dark hall, he jumped up out of a dead sleep in his undies and started yelling in this deep, scary voice... "WHO IS THAT ? WHO IS THAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHO IS THAT?" I said calmly, "It's me." His yelling got louder, so I started yelling back, "Peter, It's me. It's Melanie-Your wife." This startled him into sane Pater and he stopped yelling. I this point we were both scared to death. Scaring each other with equal intensity. I was laughing and crying and we were both shaking. Nothing like this has ever happened in 11 plus years of marriage. We could not go to sleep, but kept laughing uncontrollably. I told my dad about it this morning and he said, "At least he didn't deck you or have a gun." True. I wouldn't have wanted to be hit, but that would have been a trip. Cute counselor husband decks wife in the night. I'm sure I could have worked the angle for well, years. I'm not sure I feel safe at night knowing this is the technique. It is surprising for sure. I will say I was scared to get up to go to the bathroom for fear Peter would flip a lid again. I don't know how it didn't wake the kids. They thought it was hilarious this morning. Lillian said, "Our daddy is scared of his wife." Awesome!

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Davina Perret said...

Thanks for the laugh.
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