Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Five years ago when God gave us Grayson, we had no idea what a delight he would be. He is an amazing climber. He is super active. He is a devoted little brother. He is very go with the flow. He is goofy-see picture. He makes us laugh a ton. He is very sweet and tender hearted. He is a great listener with an amazing memory. Grayson has many wonderful qualities, but most importantly he is an image bearer of the Lord. He reminds me of the how the Father delights in me as I delight in Grayson and watch him delight in adventures and the Lord's creation. So-let the celebrations begin. I am so very thankful for the great gift the Lord gave us in Grayson.


Anonymous said...

And... we are very grateful tohave him as a grandson!!

Maynor Grandparents

Anonymous said...
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