Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Happy Day!

Today, is our sweet friend Abby's birthday. She is eight and we are absolutely thrilled for her in every way except that we are not celebrating with her having a yummy Indian dinner and fabulous cake. She described both in detail when we called. Abby is one of the very first little people I fell in love with. I love her parents to pieces. There is nothing quite as sweet as knowing someone personally that you prayed for before you even knew her name. I remember the day Abby was born and how beautiful and perfect she seemed. She strikes me the same way eight years later. God in His tender mercies allowed me to find out I was pregnant with my sweet Lillian the day Abby was born. You can read that story here. We called Abbs, today to wish her a happy day. And we retold the story of God's faithfulness to our families to our kiddos again at dinner. One of my favorite things about Abby is that she and my Lillian are the sweetest of friends. What a treasure that is to Matthew, Genna, Peter and me.

Abby, Happy, Happy Birthday! I love how God made you. You are a delight!

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