Thursday, January 21, 2010


Some years ago, I read part of a book Edith Schaffer wrote about home and homemaking. I didn't finish, but I remember two things about the book. She said if you have enough money to buy two loaves of bread, buy one loaf and flowers. She also said that you should change what is in the center of your table often. She suggested adding things from walks or you day. This would spark conversation and interest for the family. I thought that was a wonderful idea and some 4 years later I am trying it. I read a lot of blogs of women. This can be good and bad. It is easy to compare yourself, but it is also nice to get ideas. I read one of a women who is very creative and often shows pictures of her family meals. It struck me that there were always candles on the table and it always looked beautiful in a simple way. I have challenged myself to try some of these things this year at the dinner table. I have been serving most of our meals family style instead of serving things. There is a little more clean up, but I have a dishwasher for heaven's sakes. I have been trying to light candles every meal. It really changes the atmosphere. I love it. It makes every meal special. I have recently put the colored pencils, pencils and erasers at the center of the table. It has been wonder! The kids gather more to work on things and things are never lost for homework time. It has encouraged creativity in all of us. I have used more fun colors to make lists and write notes. I really think that the little things can make a lot of difference in the feel of the home. All of these things have slowed us down just a little and that is very good. Try the candles. You will love them!

At the moment, I am blogging, Lillian is making a book and Grayson is sharpening about 40 pencils all around a candlelit table. Gotta go, we made brownies.... YUM!

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