Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Someone is getting big!

Lillian seems so very big lately. She has lost her front teeth. I promise to post a picture soon. She is reading better each day. She loves math and school and friends. She has her own little world and it is very sweet to watch.

Tonight at church I asked to kiss her. She looked both ways to see if anyone was around. When no one was, she agreed. Apparently, she is too cool for her mom to kiss her in public. I asked her about it at bedtime and she said, "Mom, just don't kiss me in front of people." I suggested I might be too cool to buy her presents if she is too cool to be kissed. She laughed.

A little quote from the G man...
"Mom, I love you up to God."

"Grayson, I love you up to God and back."

"Mom, I love you up to God and back down to Hell and back again."

"Grayson, You win."

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amy said...

that boy CRACKS ME UP!!!!!!