Monday, November 16, 2009

Back up Pig Flu

Here is a little window into my super mommy life style (if flying by the seat of your pants makes you a super mommy). Had a bad dream about Grayson getting sick. The asthma thing has me a little down. Called allergist for a follow-up appointment. I know he is high risk if he gets Swine Flu. Thought I would just call my new doctor to see where I could get the vaccine. They happened to just get 100 doses and were starting to give them, today. I rolled in after school with all the super stressed mommies who have been on a list to get it and got both of my kids vaccinated. I am pretty sure the Lord prompted me to call via my friend Genna. So back off Pig Flu we don't want you in our house with our little Grayson who just doesn't need anything else right now. He is very busy being a kid and that is hard work.

I am very glad that God knows that I am chaotic and usually shooting from the hip. I think that is part of what makes me, Melanie. I am glad that he prompts me in my randomness and takes care of my kids. So, we will see if the vaccine works. I feel like I have done everything in my power to protect them. Now, I just have to pray and trust the Lord. I am finding that easier said than done. Learning to trust the Lord is my life's work I suspect. Finding the balance between freedom and protection of my kids is another life work. It is a rapid fire battle constantly going on in my head.

Super mommy needs to put two kids to bed. Hopefully that randomly works out, too.

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the Jennings secede from the South said...

That encourages me as a Mom shooting from the hip (aka I am not a super-Mom)