Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day!

Well, this Father's day finds Peter in New Jersey helping move our friends the Pearsons and us in St. Louis.  We are missing him, but glad he is helping.  Peter is just the greatest dad.  As you know, he is up for just about anything.  He provides lots of adventures for the kids.  He listens to them and wrestles with them and plays endless games of monster on the playground and points them to Jesus continually.  He is basically a big kid which makes him super fun as a dad and hubby.  When I married him, I had no idea what a great dad he would be.  God is good!

How do you feel about daddy?
"Daddy is FUN!" -Lillian

"I love him and I wrestle him and I like playing monster with him." Grayson

What do you like least about daddy?
"That he has stinky pits." -Grayson

"That he sleeps late."- Lillian

What do you call him?
"I call him daddy." Grayson

"I call him pops."- Lillian

What is your favorite thing about daddy?
"Beating him at wrestling. Happy Father's day, Daddy!  I love you and I want to poop on you. " Grayson

"I loved playing the Wii with him." Lillian

Happy Father's day, Peter.  You are the best.