Friday, June 19, 2009

Art Camp

Lillian went to an Art camp every morning this week.  Mrs. Heinemann was in charge of it along with lots of others.  Both of the kids had Mrs. Heinemann and we all LOVE her.  So, each day the kids sang songs, talked about creation, learned about artists and made art.  Lillian had a blast!  She just ate it up each day.  I will definitely be signing her up for this next year.  Here is Lillian as she came out dressed for the 1st day, with her art and with Mrs. Heinemann.  I teared up when I went for the end of the week presentation of the art.  She was so happy and did such a great job.  It is wonderful to see her using her gifts.  


AandAMaynor said...

Your art is very beautiful! You are so talented! I would love to have one of your paintings to be framed and on the wall next to your greatgrandmother's paintings. Will you paint me something and mail it to me?
Love you,
Uncle Andy

Andi said...

this looks like so much fun. i want to go to art camp & i don't even like to paint!

amy said...

that looks like so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

That last picture of her-she would fit right into Eugene with her tie-dye, apron and artsy hat. Love it.