Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Times

When we get together with our friends the Pearsons, you can count on good times for all. They left yesterday after about a week visit. We had a blast and I was worn out. We laughed, ate, went to the City Museum, played, fixed things, tooled around, swam, ate some more, stayed up late and drank lots of coffee. Don't you hate it when things break while you have company? Well, the count for the past week included washer, dryer, and a/c on the hottest day of the summer. Window units and take out were purchased and we laughed our way through a very sweaty day. Peter fixed the a/c and bought a new dryer, yesterday. We had so much fun that I don't even think I took a single picture. We also planned to go to Princeton for Thanksgiving, so it is nice to know just when we will see the Pearsons next.

Okay, I need to pick up a little because the yet to be named puppy arrives in three days.

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