Thursday, April 30, 2009

Puppy Love!

A quote from the G-man  

As we are driving away from Wal-mart....

Grayson:  Mom, we forgot to get dog food and chew toys.

Me:  Grayson we don't have a dog.

Grayson:  I know, but we are going to need them when God gives us a dog.

He is regularly praying for a puppy and at times thanks God for the puppy he knows God is going to give him.  It is too much.  Peter and I just had a frank discussion about buying the kid a dog.  I keep expecting a puppy to be on my doorstep.  A puppy delivered from God to Grayson.  For now, it is still awfully cute.

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dyount said...

How I love his faith! No wonder God tells us to be like children.