Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A beautiful day...

I made this marinaded flank steak with blue cheese butter for dinner.  I paired it with rosemary roasted potatoes and salad.  Peter and I were just eating this sans kids and drinking gin and tonic.  I found the recipe on some foodie blog while searching for yogurt recipes.  As we were eating, Grayson walked in at 9p.m.  "My leg hurts.  I think I need something to eat."  All the while, drooling on Peter's plate.  He also LOVED the flank steak.  He said it made his leg feel better.  I'll tell you one thing, it made my life feel better.  It was a keeper meal.   In the words of my father, "It'll make you slap your grandma!"  Well, it is a good thing both of mine live in Louisiana because they would need to duck right now.  

All in all, it was a beautiful day in my life.  My neighbor's elderly mother died a couple of days ago.  The other neighbors were all trying to decide what we should do to love on her.  Elise had the idea that we should clean her yard up for her.  Susan, the neighbor who's mom died, is always working on her yard.  She is behind because of the death and illness of her mom.  About 5 p.m., we gathered with rakes and brooms and got to work.  In the end, I think 10 of us turned out.  We got Susan's front and back yard in shape by 7 p.m.  We had such a great time that we did Elise's front yard, too. We kept saying we should always do it this way.  We should just move from yard to yard.  I love my neighbors and I was raking and thinking about how much I love my life.  

The Lord has been good to me!

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Andi said...

i need to start coming to your house for dinner.