Tuesday, October 07, 2008


We woke to a rainy Tuesday and I threw my normal schedule out of the window. Grayson and I hit Target after dropping Lillian off. I bumped into a fellow mom in the clothes section. I was looking for new t-shirts since I dried some sparkly pink lip gloss of Lillian's with the three t-shirts I usually wear. My response, "God must want me to get new t-shirts." Peters, "Or check pockets." Anyway, the mom and I chattered about potty training and she had a few tips. Sounds like her son had similar issues to the G-man. I may write a guide to tell moms how to train their boys to go potty in 8 months or more when this is all finished. So, we bought numerous things at Target including new undies for the G-man. When we got to the check-out, he wanted some candy. I told him I would buy it and keep it for a treat when he poops. He agreed. I could not even pay before he started saying very loudly that he wanted to go poop in the bathroom at Target. We payed and headed to the bathroom because everyone wants to potty train in a public restroom. Well, he made it happen and it was not quiet. I guess he really wanted that candy. He did poop an hour later in his undies at home. What are you gonna do? He'll get it eventually.

Here is a photo of G from this morning. I was cleaning the kitchen and I caught him like this. He was listening to music in the living room. He is my favorite little guy even if he poops in his pants all the time. Anyway, it is a great rainy day and I am finally cleaning my house up because the fireplace is 90% complete. Check it out. We tried it last night even though it was hot outside. It is super cool.


Andi said...

love G's haircut! and i love the stove too. next time i'll bring over real marshmellows that we can really roast!

Lora said...

love your fireplace-you will spend plenty time warming up in front of it. As for Mr. G-THIS TOO SHALL PASS-(literally)

Tirzah said...

he is looking really old. I love days like that where you can chill.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with the pooping issues. Can't get Ella to poop on the potty for anything and we've tried everything! I kind of feel like you do that eventually she will get it. I might just blow my brains out in the mean time.


Anonymous said...

Grayson looks just like his daddy did at that age. Takes me back!