Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Grandparents Day!

My dad and Sara came in Thursday night for the weekend. The kids had Grandparent's Day at school. It was my family's first time to check out the school. Everyone had a lot of fun. All of the classes sang. Apparently, G was the only 3Ker who didn't do the motions. Funny since he is just so wiggly. Lillian had been singing her song all week long. After the "show", everyone headed to their classrooms. Dad and Sara got to hang with the kids in their classes for a little while. Grayson's class had all sorts of activity centers. Peter got to be Max and Briggs "grand" friend and I got to go with Briggs, after my Bible study. It was fun to hang out with Max and Briggs without my own kiddos. I learned that Max has a rabbit named Calvin in his class and Briggs has fish. The school seems way more fun and creative than I remember school being.

After Grandparent's day, my crew headed to "The Ranch" (our favorite local Mexican restaurant) for lunch. Oh so good! Then a quick change and we headed to the Apple/Pumpkin Farm. After a brief tour of Illinois provided by Peter Maynor, we were back on track and found some apples. We love this farm and have been their several times over the years. The first time was to celebrate Lillian's second birthday. We took Max along that time and had such a great time. We started this time with a trip on the wagon out to pick apples. As we were picking them, G got stung by a bee. Poor kid! Anyway, Hap wrapped it up and he was better in time for picking a pumpkin. We then went down the slide about twenty times including a few times for the adults. We fed goats and deer and watched the pig races. We ended the day with a total meltdown by the two children and white bean chili. All in all, it was a fun day! I think Dad and Sara have a much better picture of the kid's daily life at school.

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