Saturday, October 04, 2008

A word...

Well, the wood burning stove is coming along. We have the t.v. in front of it or I would post a picture. Hopefully, it will be finished in the next week. My house is VERY dusty, but I can't wait to have a fire.

We are having a lazy weekend. We went garage saling this morning and then had lunch at the boathouse. It was a pretty day. My friend Lisa and I are training for a halfmarathon and we did a seven mile run tonight. All I can say about this is HOLY COW! I can't believe we ran that far. It was pretty awesome.

In other news, the kids are finally going to sleep in the same room with little trouble. We switched Lillian to the top bunk and Grayson to the bottom. All of the sudden, we could get them to go to sleep in the same room. I am truly stunned at how painless it has been.

I attended a belt buckle party last night with several moms from the kid's school. It was a super fun girl event and I'll be sporting a new belt and buckle, too. Giddy Up! I think it will be fun. I had a buckle that Peter bought me months ago, so I finally have a belt to put it on. I picked up another buckle just for kicks.

We enjoyed all of the debate festivities. It was at Washington University where I got my Master's degreee. So cool and we live so close that we had people parking around our house. Our friends, Jeremy and Rachel, suggested a themed dinner featuring Alaskian fair and Irish to represent Palin and Biden. We had salmon rolls, Irish stew, Irish soda bread, Irish beer and Moose Tracks ice cream. It really made the debate much better. So, it was all very fun and we had some good discussions and a lot of laughs.

So, that is the skinny here.


Lora said...

7miles-you are over half way there. Once you get to 10-you have got it made. I know you can do it! Love the debate theme dinner-what a good idea! How did you make the belts? Pics please.

Lisa S. said...

I just got a google account. Now I can post comments to your blog!! I agree, HOLY COW...I am feeling it today!

emily soen said...

i miss y'all!!! i bet the debate stuff was really exciting. i love lillian's haircut - she looks about 3 years older w/it. and 7 miles is awesome!! i hope we can chat soon...we have some news! :D