Monday, September 01, 2008

Updating the Update

As soon as I posted the last post, my dad called. He said they have more damage than they have ever had. It sounds like it is pretty scary. He said he has fifteen trees down in the the yard. Two of the trees are at least three feet in diameter and they were uprooted. It sounds like a tree hit the house, but the roof isn't leaking. He tried to go see about the damage, but the wind is too strong and limps are flying so I don't think he could really tell. He said Peter is welcome to a lifetime of free firewood. Based on looking out of his window, he thinks it will take months to clean it all up. So, pray for all of these people getting hit. It is scary stuff. He promised to try me back if the phones are still working when the worst is over. I'll give an update later, tonight.

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amy said...

we're praying for everyone...
keep us posted.