Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Swamp Family

Well, I've lost contact with some of the family. The phones seem to be working then not. They are all out of power and have heard that it could be a week or two. I am praying that it is not that long especially for my grandparents. I have not heard from my dad in 24 hours, but my grandmother (Bootsie) said he came by yesterday and was doing okay. Dad lost at least 15 trees and had some damage to his roof. My sister says that the area looks like a disaster zone. She says that huge trees have been uprooted all over the place. The reports are that this is the hardest hit their area has taken since Betsy in '65. For them, it is far worse than Katrina. So, please pray for all of these people. Pray also that it doesn't get too hot before the power comes back on. All of my family was in pretty good spirits and happy the storm has passed. A couple of them have generators and that is helping. Thanks to so many of you who have e-mailed, called or asked about my family.

The St. Louis gang is doing fine. Lillian reported that based on a 1 to 10 scale 10 being the highest Yesterday was an eight. She seems to be adjusting very well. Grayson loves school and has his first star day today. He gets to bring a show and tell item, be the line leader, bring his mom to school, etc. I'll give a report later.


Lora said...

Talked with your Aunt Barbara yesterday. Hoping she is wrong about the 2 weeks. Tried to get them and your grands to come up here-UNSUCCESSFULLY. There seems to be a stubborn streak running through the family.

2WeeMonsters said...

Glad to hear your family all got through ok!