Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Check-in

Well, I just did a round of check-ins with my family in Louisiana. They are still expecting a couple of hours of being hit hard. I was able to get Melissa, my Dad/Sara and both grandparents. Everyone is okay. They had all lost power this morning and many had trees down. My dad said he could hear them popping in the woods. My Pappa invited me down for the clean-up party on Wednesday. So, I'll keep watching the weather channel and hope to hear from them in a few hours, again.

When I was a kid, hurricanes were a big adventure. We would all hang out and play games or stay with people in town who had power. We would get out of school for up to a week. It was really fun. Now that I am an adult, they are more serious and it is intense to be far away watching the news and hoping your family is all okay. It is kind of cool how situations like that bring people together. Tomorrow or later tonight when it all passes. Everyone will come out and help clean up. The guys will get out the chain saws and go to town. People will hang out and cook because you have to eat all that food before it goes bad.

In our neck of the woods, St. Louis has sunny skies. We went for a bike ride to the park this morning and ran some errands. I am now making deviled eggs while my family takes a nap. We are headed to some friends for washers and grilling out. Thanks for all the calls and concern for my family. Please keep up the prayers. They need it. It will be a while before things are back to normal. My grandmother said school has already been cancelled for the week. It will take a long time to restore power to so many people.

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