Sunday, August 24, 2008

1st day of 3K

1st day of 3K
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Note the new shoes. He says they are really fast and he can jump really high in them. If you ask him, he will demo it for you.

Peter went along with Grayson to hang with his class for about an hour on Friday. Monday will be the first official day. He had a great time and seems really excited. Our whole family has loved Mrs. Heinemann since Lillian had her for 3K.

Lillian had a better day on Friday. She said she still didn't love Mrs. Patton, but that she learned some things. She did really like music and P.E. She also was seated at a table for lunch with our friend Christan (she is on staff at Central). Lillian said that Mrs. Perona made her day better because she was very encouraging. I am very thankful for God's sweetness in this time that is hard for Lillian and that she was able to pick out things that were good.

In other fun news, Lillian has a loose tooth. Crazy! She is dying for it to fall out.


Lora said...

Tell her the secret is to keepin wiggling it!

shmaynor said...

I'm glad Lillian had a better second day!