Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st day of Kindergarten

Lillian was all smiles on the way to school this morning. She even asked if I would just drop her in the carpool line instead of walking her in. "Umm, NO! I'm walking you in." All the kids met on the playground for prayer then filed in with their classes. Lillian was all shy smiles and just waved goodbye. There was really no getting them settled or anything. Grayson and I enjoyed coffee and treats with the other families then headed to a playground. It was a nice quiet day here, but we missed Lillian. We couldn't wait to see how it went. She got in the car smiling and said it was good. Before we were home (about 8 minutes), she said she hated kindergarten and didn't want to go back. Apparently, it isn't so fun. This really crushed me. I wanted to say,"You don't have to go back." But, we all know I couldn't say that. I tried my best to hear her heart and comfort her. I tried to be very encouraging. And I am telling myself that it will get better in the next few days. I hope so. I really want her to like school. She did look really sweet in her handpicked 1st day outfit and she said she loved Spanish. She has the same teacher as last year. I am thankful for that. Just when you think you are getting the mommy gig down it shifts on you and throws you a curve ball.

So, I'll be trying my hand at launching Grayson into 3K tomorrow. He will be going three mornings a week. He seems really pumped about it and has been wanting to go to Mrs. Heineman's class since Lillian was in there. I'm just kind of hoping she doesn't notice that he still poops in his pants.


Lora said...

A few days-adjusting-getting in the flow again-learning the ropes-SHE WILL BE GREAT! What in the world did she have in the backpack?

shmaynor said...

You could tell Lillian it was Mrs. Patton's first day, too - she is new to CCS.