Wednesday, May 07, 2008

7 Little known facts...

My sister-in-law tagged me to write seven things people don't know about me. It seems like a good way to get back into blogging. Here it goes.

1. I love country music. I have since high school. I am usually listening to it in my car and singing badly out loud. I guess I'm still a country girl at heart.

2. Jeans and a t-shirt has always been my style. That is not unknown. I asked Peter to bury me in jeans in a t-shirt. I don't want to wear a dress for all eternity.

3. I hate milk. I would only drink it if my children's lives depended on it. I also HATE tuna fish out of a can. My husband and my sister love both. Gross!

4. I dated Peter's roommate through most of college and he dated a friend of mine. Weird! We even double dated.

5. I am terrified of reading out loud to anyone, but my children. If you ask me to even in a group, I will say "NO".

6. I almost never return things. I hate doing it. I did not return any of my wedding gifts and therefore I have 15 pewter platters. No joke! I did return something today. Maybe I am growing up.

7. I am very bad at laundry and stain removal. I wash all of my clothes together, all of the time and put almost everything in the dryer. I am trying to improve, but I've found it usually works out.

8. I sleep with my mouth WIDE open even in the car.

I tag Kevin, Andi, Tirzah and Chris.

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