Monday, April 28, 2008

Wrap Up

Sorry for not getting back to you all about Lillian. We saw the doctor on Thursday and she tested her for several things. Nothing showed up. She sent us home hoping it was a fever virus and said to come back on Saturday, if she still had a fever. Her fever finally broke on Thursday night and Friday our Lillian woke up much better. She has been a little tired, but on the whole she is back to herself. Her teacher just e-mailed to say that she will get to see the butterflies in the butterfly tent tomorrow at school. They will also be taking a trip to the butterfly house. That will be a wonderful way to start back to school.

We had a wonderful weekend! We planted herbs and seeds on Friday. Peter and I enjoyed an excellent dinner of lamb and veggies with our dear friends the Thros. Their daughter and her husband were in town. The Thros have a beautiful backyard in the city. We love to eat dinner out there. Well, it stormed, so we huddled around a table on their small porch and had a great time watching it storm and eating.

Saturday, we attended the wedding of a friend from church. The wedding ceremony was beautiful then we headed over to an old factory for the reception. It was very urban. We had dinner and danced the night away. A band from our church played and the kids even got to join in on stage for much of the concert. It was a late night and a joyous occassion.

All in all, it was a delightful weekend after a long week of sickness!

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Lora said...

It is unreal how sick a little one can be one day and the next going "Full Steam Ahead." Glad Miss Lillian is blowing & going again!