Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"I see dead people"

Well, Lillian remains sick with extremely high fevers. Monday night, she woke about 10pm and said she didn't feel good. I was talking to her and she pointed over my shoulder and asked who that man was. I looked back to no one. Then she said she wanted all those people to stop watching her because she didn't feel good. She had 104.8 degrees of temp. I don't know if she was seeing dead or live people, but it was freaky nonetheless. I called Peter at poker night to get a little moral support. She hasn't seen anything else, but she has continued to get at least 104 temps daily with a high of 105, today. Poor kid. No other symptoms. I will be taking her to see the doctor tomorrow, if she is not improved (no fever). I have talked to them twice and they are not concerned until we hit the five day mark (tomorrow). She missed all of the super fun spirit week at school this week. They were allowed to dress up like different things each day. Her teacher called to say they there were still no butterflies and that if she feels good on Friday she can come in for a little while even though it isn't her usual day. I hope she is better by then.

Grayson and I went head to head about the potty situation, today. He was refusing to wear underwear and saying that he was still a baby. I basically told him I would give him anything including cold hard cash for him to start using the potty. He bargined for popcorn DONE! He put on the underwear and did reasonably well. He even went out with my friend Andrea in underwear and kept the dry. He did have a couple of accidents this evening, but on the whole it was improvement. He is definitely asserting himself. Which has it's pluses and minuses. He has taken to putting on his own clothes. We think he changed his pjs about four times after we put him down, tonight. I think the days of me picking out his clothes are about over.

It was beautiful here today and we did go outside for push-up pops this afternoon. It was very nice. Well, my friend Andrea gave us the game Parcheesi, so Peter and I are going to try it out.

On a happy note, I have 20 people registered for the Race for the Cure. I am a third of the way there. I am thrilled with the turn out to date. So, sign up. It is going to be really fun.

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Lora said...

Poor Lillian! These unexplained childhood viruses can be frightening especially with the ones prone to high fevers. Grayson-well let's just say Grayson is all BOY!