Monday, April 21, 2008


Well, it isn't quite that warm her in St. Louis, but it is a beautiful day. Sadly, Lillian has 104.6 degrees of fever right now. Poor kid. No other symptoms. She is queen of the high fever. She is a very sad case right now and unable to do much more than lay around. Peter went turkey hunting from yesterday until tonight, so we are just hanging here on our own. It hasn't been bad. A calm quiet day. Lillian wants prayer that she will feel better soon. Her class has caterpillars that should come out of their cocoons on Wednesday or Thursday. We know tomorrow is out, but we are praying she will be ready to go before the butterflies appear. That little request broke my heart. I really hope she is better. She is so excited about the butterflies.


Lora said...

How wonderful that she already knows to ask for prayer. This is a most important lesson for all of us believers!

rachel said...

Get well Lillian!