Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sweet Boy

I have been having some special time with my sweet boy this week. Wednesday we dropped Lillian off at school and went to the playground. I got a coffee and he got some chocolate milk. We sat in the swings and just hung out. We were the only ones there. It seemed almost magical to have the playground to ourselves. It was a beautiful day!

Today is also a beautiful day, so I picked Grayson up from Peeps (mother's day out program). We again headed to the park with lunch. It was full of kiddos and such, so we found some tucked away swings a short distance from the playground. We ate and talked about his day. He loves to swing on his belly and I discovered there is something that I am too tall to do. Grayson was determined to swing with his cookie and fell on his face, so that he would not drop the cookie. We had a good belly laugh. Grayson has a way of making me laugh really hard. His laughter is contagious. It was really sweet to watch him swing on his belly and give me that huge smile with his eyes almost closed.

The last few days of beautiful weather has reminded me how happy being outside with my kiddos makes me.


Christine Gordon said...

Hi. This is not about your sweet boy. I finally read your entries from the past couple of weeks. I get it. This is great. As soon as my new credit card arrives, I will be joining your team! chris

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Hi! Found your blog through my mom's. I haven't seen you in a decade...half a decade? Around there.. but it's nice to hear how things are!

Camille (Conville) Jennings