Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleep Update

For the two of you who were wondering how the co-sleeping is going, it is much better. Grayson took a nap, today. They went to bed very easily for the last two nights, separately. We talked to some friends who put their younger kid down earlier. This proved to be just the ticket for the last two nights. We are thankful for that. Lillian and I have been working hard on the art room. We are thinking of calling our "Studio" (Sara calls her craft room her studio.) We did move the sewing machine in and all of our art supplies. It is proving to be a wonderful space for Lillian. She loves making things and has spent hours in there the last few days. We hooked the ipod up with some speakers and have been creating while listening to stories or music. I also put in a basket of books and the bean bag. It has been a great little nook for us to read. So, I really think this might be a great thing for our family.

Now, the potty training is a whole another story for a another day. It isn't going bad, but isn't really going anywhere fast. We have had only two sucesses in the last few days. Grayson is getting less resistant and is really into his new Mickey Mouse undies.

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