Friday, February 22, 2008

Puddle Patrol

Well, we have been around the house for the last two days due to the winter mix that has slowed St. Louis. Yesterday, school was cancelled. It was today, but we don't go anyway. Peter was also shut down from work. They closed his office. I don't think that has happened before, so he was around most of the day, too. We hit the potty training hard. G peed on the potty twice which was a record in one day. So far, no success today. Peter just said,"Just think of all the money we are saving on diapers." Well, saving money on diapers means I am cleaning up lots of puddles and doing lots of little boy laundry. Anyway, we are hopeful.

Lillian spent a little time playing on the computer, yesterday. She was amazing. It is not something that we do very often and I could not believe how little assistance she needed. Grayson and I really just watched her play and I would point out something every once in a while. They are getting so big. The co-sleeping is going pretty well. Everyone has been a little tired from not having the normal amount of sleep, but all in all I think it is going very well for the first week.

Have a happy day and great weekend! I hope it is warmer wherever you are.

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Christa said...

you won't believe it but we too moved the two boys into the room together last Friday!... this was our second attempt. Poor Sammy is really struggling in the sleep department- they are up at the crack of dawn.
Potty Training?? Sammy doesn't seem in the least bit interested and when we try it's lots of laundry and puddles to clean! Oh, well, it won't be much longer!