Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bye, Bye Denby

When we got married, we registered for Denby pottery for our everyday dishes. I love it and it is so pretty. And, oh not so cheap. Well, we have been married for nine years without breaking a piece. Amazing. This morning, Peter came into the room and said, "Grayson and I just accidently broke a Denby plate." I was sad, shocked, but thought I would just shake it off. Well, tonight, Grayson in a moment of frustration accidently knocked a bowl off the counter and scattered a Denby bowl. Two in one day. What are the odds? I was thinking I should just smash a third and get it over with. Don't these things always come in threes? I really felt a little like crying the second time, but immediately the thought of storing up my treasures in Heaven rather than Earth crossed my mind. That was clearly from the Lord and not me. I'm sure I can find more Denby on Ebay or use some of the other 40 million dishes I seem to own. It isn't a big deal, really. I do think I will leave the Denby to Grayson. He probably won't mind an incomplete set. Poor kid, he is so tired from the room change and lack of sleep that he can hardly see straight. We did try putting them down separately tonight with a lot of success. However, they were very tired.


Leslie said...

RIP Denby. You know Doriani always says, "If it is good, it will be in heaven" there's hope.

Mr Tableware said...

Hi, I read your message about the broken Denby. You might want to visit
They have quite a selection of Denby available.



Melanie said...

Thanks, Leslie. That is encouraging in so many ways. Not just the Denby. I would also encourage you to register for something strong. Think two year old boy when testing.

Genna said...

Mel, you know Matthew well. You know he isn't the *most* graceful or delicate of fellows (unless he is on his bike or doing some art project). Our Williams Sonoma Brasserie set is SO far from complete. I think we have one or two mugs left and we've already replaced most of the cereal bowls! I think Matthew is priming me for when Noah is two. In the last 2 weeks, Matthew was on a particularly destructive roll: he broke 1 wine glass, 1 peanut butter jar (also glass), and 2 water glasses. Then I kicked over and broke another water glass he had left on the floor. Then he let Noah grab a photo off the wall and Noah dropped it. Glass everywhere! I am not kidding. There has been a LOT of sweeping going on here, and I'm waiting to see him bust out the mop. At this rate we wont have any china to leave to either kid. That's why I'm making QUILTS.

cagedwisdom said...

So in a few years I will get to post about the stuff we registered for at Crate and Barrel and how not it is in more than 12 pieces to match the set of 12 we bought. Plastic plates just do that need roll and wiggle when they hit the floor. Maybe that is the ticket.