Saturday, January 12, 2008

Urban Saturday

Peter works a long day on Saturday, so the kids and I have our own little routine. Today, we mixed it up a little because the weather was nice. We played with friends Jack and Bobby for a couple of hours then headed downtown to the Soulard Farmer's Market. We don't go too often because it is crowded and two kids alone has been tricky. Not so today, they both walked and we did great. The weather was about 53 degrees.

We started with a lunch of beignets and hot chocolate. Grayson said he thought we should try to make them at home. Good thinking! Lillian played the banjo with some guys singing outside of the market. Then we got tons of fruit and veggies. We went in the pet shop to check out the bunnies, fish and iguanas. This was a huge hit! It was all just really fun. For those of you not from St. Louis, this little trip takes you into the heart of the city. You can see the Arch from the market and drive right by the new baseball stadium. We came home and ate a bunch of cherries before all taking a nap. Lillian and I rarely nap, so this was a glorious occasion. Anyway, I love living in St. Louis and I love our life. I occasionally fantasize about having a driveway, but the truth is I would never want to move.

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A&A Maynor said...

Makes me miss St. Louis!