Thursday, January 17, 2008

Q and A

The other night at dinner, we had a little question and answer time with the kids. It was a hit and will need to be played often. Here are the questions and responses...

What is your favorite place to go?
G- Forest Park playground
L- The fair (she has never been to the fair.)

What is your favorite ice cream?
G- white
L-Chocolate chip

Favorite thing at school?
L- Art and painting

What do you want to be when you grow up?
G- Maybe, ummm, baseball player
L- Doctor, no, artist---doctor and artist

What will you name your first kid?
G- Joshua

Who do you want to marry?
L- Grayson

What will you drive?
G-orange race car
L- I'll ride in a police car. (Yikes!) I'll drive a pink convertible

What will Jesus say when you see him?
G-Wanna play baseball?
L- I love you. And I will ask him to please make a magic wand and thank you for dying. I hope all of my friends are gonna hug me.

Where will you live when you grow up?
G- The ice cream store
L- South pole

Do you prefer to pee or poop?
G-Poop (We all know this. He does it about five times a day. What the heck?)
L- Pee

What is your favorite song?
G-Jesus loves me
L- Downtown

What is your favorite thing to watch?
G- Baseball

What is your favorite food?
G- pizza
L- Anchovy pizza

What is your favorite treat?
G- bars (granola bars)
L- Cotton candy and ice cream

Who is your best friend?
G-Michael ( a kid at school who's name is actually Micah)
L- Max

What is your favorite drink?
L- Chocolate or strawberry milk

Favorite book?
G- Monster one
L- Narnia

Favorite game?
G-Monster game
L-Hide and go seek

Hope you enjoyed these deep thoughts from Lillian and Grayson as much as we did.


Andi said...

my favorite has to be the "who will you marry" question. tell lilian jack will be crushed that he's no longer her pick!

Tirzah said...

Anchovy pizza!

shmaynor said...


rachel said...

So cute! They are going to love that you wrote these down when they're grown.