Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Lillian finally had her five year check-up, yesterday. The doctor declared her a keeper. She seems to be in great health with only some stomach issues. We are going to switch to Pepcid complete in hopes that it will fix the flare ups. Lillian has moved up to the 40th percentile for height. She is 3' 6" and on target to be around 5'4". She was thrilled to learn she will likely be taller than her mama. My mom was 5'4", as well. She weighed in at 37lbs. She is in the 25th percentile for weight. This all screams Maynor to me. They are all taller and skinner than the Morris clan. The finale of the five year check up was five shots. Lillian calmly watched the nurse give her all five with a smile on her face. No tears at ALL. The nurse and I were both amazed, but Lillian has always had a high pain tolerance. (Ex. Tearless stitches)

Post check-up, Lillian and I went to Borders for a chocolate milk and a tea. We walked all around and looked at things. We read some books then went next door and did a little clothes shopping. It was really fun to just have a little girl time. We decided we are going to do more dates to Borders. It was so much fun. Lillian was back to school, today, from Christmas break and seemed to have a good time. She told us all about a new girl in her class. She was glad to see all of her friends and learned some new things in Spanish.

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Andi said...

I can't believe she watched the nurse give her the shots! I'm 30 and your 5 year old is braver than me!