Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sleep Wars Volume II

So we spent yesterday morning putting the bed up and nap time went very well. Grayson was tired. I took a nap, too, which proved to be very helpful for the two and a half hour bedtime saga. He just kept getting up and then walking out of the room. After all that time, I think he was just exhausted. About 12:30, he woke up again. He cried and cried. He was up and down on and off until 3:30 or 4:00. I got in bed with him for a couple of minutes and he just finally crashed. I ended up taking all of his toys out of his rooom. They are all over the hall. I think I will just move them to Lillian's room. Too much temptation! He is in his room again. I gave him a couple of cars and books. I have been standing on a stool and looking in the window above his door. He is just on the bed rolling the car back and forth and watching it. He loves to do that. I don't know why I didn't give him something in the bed yesterday. I am hopeful that this will work. We will be hosting our new prayer group for the first time, tonight. I am sure it will be wonderful to do this with an audience. They are both in their rooms and I am off to climb in my bed with two sleep books from Andrea. I am hoping for some helpful tips. I did look back in my blog to 2005 to see that about three days of waring with Lillian worked. I remember feeling like I would lose my mind, but it is encouraging to know that I survived World War I and will likely World War II.


Missy said...

Oh my goodness, Im gong to totally need some help from you when it comes time to move Ansley to a big girl bed! I will do my best to soak up these days of cribs. Hope your all sleeping better tonight!

Genna said...

Abby has taken to joining Matthew and I in bed during the early morning hours. This used to be terrific--a cozy snugglefest for an hour or so before actually waking up--but now that I'm 8 months pregnant, the Queen-sized bed feels like a twin-sized bed, and my pint-sized Abby seems like a giant with great big limbs that just HAVE to be draped over MOMMA. She wants her fingers intertwined with mine, to feel my cheek with the other hand, to put her head practically on my head, and to have at least one leg on me. You know what? As annoying as this can be, I do love her sweet closeness. OK, writing this is making me kind of miss the kid--she's at school. I guess I'm thankful that she plods in in the morning. Life just wouldn't be the same without her.