Monday, March 19, 2007

Climb every mountain

Well, many of you have perhaps wondered, if we made it back from our adventures in Zachary. We did. The day of the big race, Grayson figured out how to get out of the pack n' play at my dad's house. He proceded to do that several times. It took all four adults present to get the two children to bed. It was an ordeal. I cried. Sunday, Grayson did the same and totally missed his nap. We started back to St. Louis exhausted, but having had a great time. This week has felt like climbing a mountain. I have been a day behind all week and just a little off. We have had a wonderful week of fun activities, including celebrating Max's 5th birthday. I have enjoyed figuring out my recently purchased iPod and getting geared up for spring. Grayson is apparently getting geared up to turn two. He is hourly acting less and less like a one year old and more like a two year old. He is louder, more opinionated, more capable, etc. We have taken to calling him "Rowdy". I suppose the whole point of parenting is to work yourself out of a job, but that is easier said than done. I have been a little sad about the upcoming move to the "big boy bed" and the potential end to the crib era in our household. Last night, I got over that. About 12:30, Grayson woke up for no clear reason. This is the third night in a row. We let him cry, we put him in our bed, we put him back in his bed, he climbed out of the crib and walked into our room. We were stunned! Well, this went on for at least two hours and we finally all got back to sleep. It looks like my mountain for the week is to wake up and realize I have a two year old. He is ready to move on to bigger and better things.

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Andi said...

oh no! i can't believe he figured out the crib too!!!