Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well, if you read the comment on the blog about poor Gillbert you may wonder if he recovered with some warmer water. We had taken action before getting this helpful information. I will say that Gillbert didn't seem quite right anymore. We flushed him and Lillian keeps looking excitedly into the toilet for his bones to float back up. (They haven't.) Gillbert was quickly replaced by a new beta. Lillian says that this one is a girl. She suggested that we name her Susie. We suggested that it might be kind of wierd, since Lillian's aunt is named Susan. It could become confusing for the entire famiy. She quickly suggested Harry (My father's name.). Again, similar problem. Luke was considered, but for some reason dismissed dispite no family connection to this name. She settled on Gordon which is my uncle's middle name and part of her cousin's name (John Gordon). Thankfully, the John part of John Gordon clears any confusion in family discussions. So Gordon is the newest member of the Maynor household. We are all very excited about him. In the future, we will be consulting Uncle Andy with any household pet issues before we say flush another one down the toilet. On the way to bed last night, I asked Peter if perhaps the sewer water was warm. I like to think that Gillbert will make his way back to the tropics.


m. said...

Please tell Lillian I'm honored by her thought of a namesake for me.

A&A Maynor said...

I know my sweet sister-in-law would't be making fun of me.
Don't worry your not alone. My sweet wife made fun of me too. *sigh* :)

emily harris said...

hmmm...i don't know if i would want to survive sewer water.