Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Five Years!

A little over five years ago, we found out we were pregnant with our first child. We were thrilled and our friends Matthew and Genna were too. They were also pregnant. We were all so excited to go through this together. At about twelve weeks, we had a miscarriage. We were heartbroken and the Pearsons were with us. At that point, Genna started praying that I would be pregnant again by the time she had her baby. Peter and I were not aware that she was praying that specifically for us. Well, five years ago, today, their daughter Abby was born.

We were so excited for the Pearsons. We decided to both leave work early and meet at the hospital to greet Abby. Peter arrived first. Genna shared with him what she had been praying. She was disappointed God had not answered her prayers. Peter said well maybe we were pregnant and didn't know. I arrived shortly after and was not aware of the conversation. We enjoyed Abby and the Pearsons. I decided to go to the grocery store on the way home and get some food to make for the Pearsons. I picked up a pregnancy test. That was not too unusual at the time. I was always hoping to be pregnant. I took the test and was shocked to learn we were having a baby. Peter was thrilled! He said, "Get in the car. We are going back to the hospital. You have to tell Genna." I indicated that she needed her rest and that I would tell her the following day. Peter insisted saying the Genna would explain.

The Pearsons were surprised to see us again and I told Genna I was pregnant. She then shared her prayer with me. A little less than nine months later, we had Lillian two days before Genna's birthday. Even five years later, that story blows my mind. God is so good and so tender with the details.

Lillian attempted to call and wish Abby Happy Birthday. She was at school. We will try again later. The girls didn't really remember playing together from when the Pearsons lived in St. Louis, but our families have vacationed together twice for about a week each time. The girls became fast friends and keep up with occassional calls and letters. What a joy to see our girls become friends! We are still hoping that God puts the Pearsons back in St. Louis. They are expecting their second little one in May. I think Grayson is hoping for a boy he can play with on vacations.


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Tirzah said...

I love that story Melanie, tell it over and over and over I wont get tired. Congrats on the link list!

Genna said...

God's timing and His sweet answer to those months of prayers for you have brought years of reassurance and encouragement to me--not to mention joy by way of a little girl named Lillian. I'm teary-eyed and so happy that our girls love each other. Not long now and we will see if Gray has a girl-Pearson or boy-Pearson to play with on our next family vacation!