Monday, January 08, 2007

The Day

The day started with getting both kids off to school which is always a challenge. Grayson walked right into his mother's day out program with no tears and apparently had a wonderful day. The teachers were amazed by his ability to feed himself applesauce. I mean look at him. Clearly, no problems eating. Today, was Lillian's long awaited "star day". She took a blue wig she got from Hap and SaaSaa for christmas as her show and tell item. The teacher said she was shocked when Lillian walked into the room with blue hair. The children all wanted to know how she got her hair to turn blue. Thankfully, it was not permanant. I am sure that day will come with our Lillian.

During "rest time" (after numerous calls for random things), I heard a panicked call from Lillian that sent me running to her room. As always, her room was a total disaster. She was sitting dressed to the nines in dress up stuff in a chair on top of her dress up chest.
M: Lillian, are you okay? Are you hurt?
L: Mama, Gillbert (the beta fish) is dead.
M: Oh Lillian, I am so sorry! (He was laying on the bottom of the fish bowl.)
L: Mama, where do fish go when they die? To heaven?
M: Well Lillian, fish don't have souls, so I don't think they go anywhere when they die.
L: What are souls?
M: Well fish don't really know the difference between right and wrong, so they don't really know about Jesus.
L: Fish don't know Jesus? Oh, you have to love Jesus to go to heaven.
M: Yeah, basically.
She was looking very sad and I thought she might cry.
M: Lillian, do you want to flush Gillbert down the toilet since he is dead.
She perked right up. I think she thought that sounded really fun. I mean, seriously, kids love to throw things in the toilet.
L: Mama, can I get another fish?
M: Sure baby.
L: Okay, lets flush him then.
As I picked up the bowl, Gillbert started swimming again, not forward so much as up and down. He appeared to have had a stroke. I think Lillian was a little disappointed with this revival.
L: Mama, Do you think I can still get a new fish?
M: We will call daddy and see what he thinks we should do.
We left Peter and message which included Lillian asking if he could take her for a new fish. Gillbert was still hanging in at bedtime. I think he is on the way out though.

Lillian and I spent the rest of the afternoon making bread and hummus. When Grayson got up, we went to the post office to mail a couple of things. The children ran around screaming and body slamming each other while I sent them off.

The grand finale' of the day was Grayson saying broccoli unprompted at dinner. Lillian and I thought that was great. I asked if anyone wanted to take a bath and Grayson freaked out. "Take a bath, easeeee (please)" Out of nowhere a sentence.


A&A Maynor said...

Beta’s originally come from South Asia where it is very warm and live in extremely shallow waters. The water temp stays well above 70 degrees. When the temp in the bowl or aquarium that domestic betas live in drop below around 70 degrees, the beta will seem lifeless at the bottom of the tank and not move until it has too. This means the water is too cold. Try warming up the water and seeing if Gilbert perks up. I have a beta on my desk at work and he does the same thing when the water is too cold.

I am proud of Lillian for being so insightful and of G-man for talking!


Uncle A

emily harris said...

oh my heavens. i loved that story. i was smiling the whole way thru. can i borrow lillian and grayson sometime?