Tuesday, August 22, 2006


On the way home from the 1st day of school, Lillian said she got in trouble for being disobedient. Peter and I looked at each other like OH NO!

Peter: Sweetie, what happened?
Lillian: If I tell you, I won't get a treat.
Peter: Lillian, you still need to tell us what happened.
Lillian: I ate playdoh and Mrs. Heinemann told me not to eat it.

Okay, no big deal. Don't eat playdoh anymore.

Day two on the way home, I asked Lillian if she had been disobedient.

Lillian: I ate playdoh again, but Mrs. Heinemann didn't see me.
Melanie: Lillian, it is still disobedient to eat it even if Mrs. Heinemann doesn't see you because she told you not to do it.
Lillian: I know, but I really like to eat it.


Genna said...

note to self: no playdough for Lillian's Christmas present. At least it wasn't a 24-hour old chicken nugget that you didn't sweep up fast enough.

tirzah said...

or cheerios she stored away in the toy box just in case.