Monday, October 24, 2005

Maynor Boys

Uncle Andy came to visit us this weekend. We had a wonderful visit. The kids had a blast playing with him. He was probably exhausted and a little ready to head back to his kid free house. He changed his first diaper, Grayson's. He did a great job, but dressing him was too hard. Grayson is a wiggle worm and I usually end up dressing him while he is on his belly. This is not super easy even for the experienced mom. At some point in the weekend, Andy said, "Maybe Grayson has a dirty diaper or something. I can't place that smell." That totally cracked me up. I thought to myself about 24 hours after you have your first kid you will be able to place that smell a mile away. Anyway, all of the diaper talk made me remember Brian and Peter changing their first diaper. They did it together. Max was about three hours old and we were all in the hospital room. Max was in that little crib and the guys decided to change his diaper. They take it off. Wipe him off and Max starts to pee. They are both looking down at him, when the peeing starts. They started yelling and jumped back. Pee is going everywhere. Susan says, "Cover it up!" They are still yelling and backing away. Susan (about three hours after delivery) jumps up and covers him. We justed started laughing. I mean two guys should now that baby boys pee on you. Brian and Peter have made a lot of progress. It is hard to believe that Max is now three and a half. He pees all by himself and even asks for privacy.

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