Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Average Nudist Teacher?

I took both children to the doctor today for their check-ups. Lillian was 29lbs and 36.5 inches. Grayson was 17lbs 5oz (He lost a little weight being sick since Monday.) and 27 inches. They are both in the 45th or 50th percentile for height and weight. They are both doing fine on their milestones. Grayson's ear is starting to look a little pink, so he may be getting an ear infection. I am praying he will fight it off and avoid the antibiotics.
When we got home, I was putting Grayson to bed and doing a few things around the house. After dinner, Lillian had taken off all of her clothes and was playing naked. She was talking in her room, as usual. I walked down the hall to take a peak. She was saying, "Okay, now get in line and stay in line." She had all of her stuffed animals lined up along the bed. She proceeded to talk to them, as if she were the teacher. I am sure quoting things she hears at school.
I often find myself wondering what I know about my children today that tells me what they will be like as adults. There are lots of things to consider. I was washing the dishes and thinking about them, tonight. I think it is very easy to want your kids to be above average. If they are below average, you worry about how to make them average. Ironically, we aren't very satisfied with average. The kids did great at the doctor, today. They are basically average. Not super smart. Not super tall or super short. Just average. I think that is really nice. I mean I'm not super smart or super tall or super short (okay sort of) and I like myself. Peter isn't either and I like him. And I like our lives. So average is great. Frankly, who won't want to be average.
So as I always do when I have these discussions with myself. I guess what the kids might be when they grow up. Today, Grayson would be a sumo wrestler eating a turkey leg listening to his wife talk non-stop without minding one bit. (This is a very hard game to play with the info you have from a baby, but I thought that was a good guess.) Now Lillian, I feel pretty confident about. I am thinking average nudist teacher.

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