Friday, September 23, 2005

Getting Ready

Well, we are getting ready for the big 3rd birthday party. It is all bugs per Lillian's request. I just finished the butterfly birthday cake despite saying last year I would never make another cake for a birthday party. It was a little stressful, but turned out better than expected. I did not say anything that would embarrass my grandmother or my mother-in-law (happy birthday, maryhelen) which was a significant improvement over last year. Lillian has lots of opinions about the party and is very excited. We made rice krispy treats with sprinkles for her class, today. The birthday girl gets to bring the snack. She helped me make them, yesterday. Helping involved her eating about 50 of those tiny marshmellows and drinking some of the sprinkles out of the container. She said, "Drinking sprinkles makes me feel better." I guess all of the marshmellows made her feel bad. She, of course, had to try a "rice christmas tree." I have know idea why she didn't want any dinner. Anyway, she is excited and so are we. What a joy to throw a party for your kid. She is getting Dora the explorer roller skates and a helmet. (Without a doubt we will be back at the ER, shortly.) I will post pictures of the party.

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