Monday, September 26, 2005


The birthday was a success. We had a wonderful time. The kids and I took our morning walk to the Loop for veggies. We got a huge flower arrangement from Juban the flower vender and he gave Lillian a purple flower for her birthday. We, of course, stopped for everyone's favorite a smoothie. We sat outside and watched the people as we drank them. As we started to walk back home, Lillian had to go to the bathroom really bad and was asking to go on the sidewalk. (I did consider it and thought. Could one or both of us get arrested for that.) Not many places are open at 8am on the Loop. We dashed in to a coffee shop which seems to be owned by a young couple with a six year old girl. I said, "We have a bathroom emergency. Can we use your bathroom, NOW." It was upstairs and I had the massive stroller with Grayson. They said, "RUN, we'll watch the baby." I grabbed Lillian and ran for it. We made it. When we can back out, they asked how old Lillian was and we said, "three, today." They sang happy birthday to her and gave her a sticker.
Lillian and I made some decorations for the party and got ready. We made a caterpillar and a big ladybug. The kids played pin the dot on the ladybug. The party was great. Peter read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We had grapes, cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pimento cheese sandwiches. Lillian opened her presents. She got lots of games. We played most of them yesterday because it was a rainy day. I was most excited about Candyland. She was excited about the skates and most of the kids took a turn in the grass. It was pretty funny to watch them try. Lillian attempted to skate around the apartment last night. I was holding her up. I think it will be a few days before she wins the roller derby.
All in all, it was a w0nderful day that Peter and I will no doubt treasure as a beautiful memory. It is hard to believe that she is three already. Friday night, she asked me to tell her a story. I said I would tell her about the day she was born. She couldn't believe that her friends Max and Abby were babies back then. I told her the nurses were named Lilly (L: Like me) and Rainbow. She thought that was great. I, of course, cried. She has turned into more of a little girl than a baby right before my eyes.

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