Saturday, April 06, 2013

A dedication

Since my very first race 7 years ago, I have dedicated my races.  I remember reading that it helps you to focus on something else.  Lisa and I dedicated our miles to different people when we did our first half.  For me, it stuck.  I love to run and pray!  My friend Joy and I run and pray at least two days a week.  In my opinion it is one of the better ways to pray- eyes open, moving fast, in nature.  Sometime I dedicate the whole race and sometimes different miles.  God always seems to press people on my heart for the race.  

In December, my friend Matthew's father died.  We went to the funeral in Memphis to be with Matthew and Genna.  It was a sweet time with friends and a good bit of it was spent at his cousin's house.  Ashley, William and their 3 young children hosted countless people for dinner the night before the funeral with amazing ease and grace.  Peter and I were very taken with Ashley and William.  William spent the whole night waiting personally on people.  We left Memphis and on the way home commented on what absolutely delightful people they were.  As it turned out, we had several common friends.  We left saying they should come to St. Louis sometime.  

A few weeks ago, Genna called me on a Saturday afternoon and told me that Ashley's sweet husband had been killed suddenly in an accident.  My heart has been broken for Ashley since that moment and I've prayed many prayers for Ashley and her sweet family.  So when it came time to make a dedication, God put Ashley on my heart.  I often do this race in memory of my mom who died very close to the time of this race, but this year is going to be 100% a prayer run for Ashley.  Not sure that my little run or prayers effect much change.  I thought I might ask any of you who follow me to spend from 7 am for  2 hours or so praying for Ashley and her children.  When you are stuck in traffic because of a marathon or getting ready for church or drinking coffee.  Please join me in lifting up this sister and her kiddlets.  Pray that God is very near to her and that He will provide for her.  Pray for sleep for all of them.  Pray for peace even when life super stinks.  

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