Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to School

The summer flew by and we had so much fun! We haven't wanted to be home much this summer with the construction so we played hard as a family. We logged a ton of hours at the pool, the lake, camping, boating, canoeing, paddle boating, biking... Did I mention the pool? We spent most of our days playing, swimming, sliding and perfecting our moves off the diving board. It was a sweet summer in many ways for our family. I LOVE being a mom in the summer. It is so much fun! So, I've been a little sad for the return of school and structure. The kids have mixed feelings about going back.

On the first day, I asked if anyone wanted to stay home with me and snuggle. I said they were getting too big going to 1st and 3rd grade. They declined and Grayson said, "Mom, you just have graders now!" So true. No babies which makes for very fun summers. Grayson declared 1st grade to be fun upon pick up the first day. Lillian is undecided about 3rd. She is excited about all the things she will be learning. She LOVED her teacher last year so it is hard to warm up to the new one. I trust that she will.

So, we are trying to find our way into our new routines and grab a quick trip to the pool when we can. Hope you enjoy these pictures from the first day!

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Michelle Foster said...

Ahhhh, 1st and 3rd grade... seems like yesterday. I, too, am reluctant to have summer end even with 9th and 11th graders. Maybe it's the realization of the passing of time.
Love the pictures. They are adorable.