Saturday, April 09, 2011

Our house

I think many of you have heard and if you have not I am sorry to tell you in this way, however, I am at a loss for streamlining information. First off, we are all okay in body. Thursday night about midnight some Wash U students walking down the sidewalk saw smoke coming out of our addition and called 911. They then banged on the Huggin's door (our friends/tenants) and woke them up telling them to get out. Jeremy came up to our house through the kitchen door which thankfully was unlocked. He woke us up and said the house was on fire. He said we needed to get the kids and get out. He opened the front door for the firemen. I did not have my kids out of the bed before the firemen were in the house and running to the fire. I have never loved living in the city more. People walking around at midnight, firemen 3 minutes away, what is not to love? There ended up being 8 fire trucks, ambulances and some police. The entire block was shut down. Most of our neighbors seemed to be up and I walked out of my house to Jay a neighbor and cop who hugged me and told me what was going on. Neighbors thought to take me and the kids inside so we were not watching, neighbors prayed, gave us water, let us sleep at their house. I have always loved my block but they were just amazing. To those of you who don't live here, my urban family is doing a good job of taking care of us.

So on to the loss, the fire started in the addition. The fire marshal could not determine why and has ruled it an accident. The master bedroom up there and the roof are toast. They look awful. Umm, there is much smoke damage and broken windows. I suppose we will be moving toward finishing that, but don't even have the energy to think about it now. We had water damage in our living room, study, entrance. The worst is the in the living room. I don't think we know the total of that yet. Some things can't be touched until the insurance company makes their rulings. I can only smell and taste smoke, but the restoration man assures me there is not smoke damage in my current living space just water. I still feel like all fabrics need to be washed. It does stink in there. Jeremy and Rachel's place is okay except they had some water come thru the light in there living room and damage a rug. She says it smells okay down there. I am thankful they are okay.

How are we? Well stunned. Thankful to be alive. Very thankful! The firemen said it could have quickly been much worse. We are trying to live life as normally as possible for the kiddos and ourselves. We are staying at a friend's house for the weekend. Her family was going out of town. The clean, calm, space is just what we needed. We know we need to be out for a couple of days to let it air out. We are hoping to be back home Sunday night.

What do we need? Well, we don't really know. I just asked Peter. He said some food for a few days would probably help. We are hoping to clean and organize our space this afternoon as much as possible. We need prayer for peace and comfort most of all. If the spirit puts something on your heart, listen. You may know our needs more than we do ourselves. Calls, e-amils, notes of encouragement are wonderful, too.

Thanks for loving us. God is good and His sweet mercy for the warm weather and blooming flowers this weekend are not lost on me.


Megan said...

So glad to get your update here and hope you are able to continue processing all of this out over time.

Again, so so so so so so sorry this happened. So so so so so so glad you are all okay. And so so understand it's going to be a long haul for you to make sense of what's going on.

Love to you and your family.


Tirzah said...

I love you Melanie. I will be praying for you and family. You do have the best block in the world.

D. Lindstrom said...

Praying for you and your family! It is nice to know that neighbors will come to help anytime of the day! It is a long haul but God will be with you every step of the way. Let us know if we can help with anything.

Anonymous said...

We have been fervently praying for all of you! So grateful for God's sovereignty and for the tender way in which He protected you all and has provided for you thus far.

Love to you and the fam,
Andrew, Amanda and William T.

Bronwyn said...

G told me what had happened, and I've been praying! So glad you are well, and I praise God with you for his presence, comfort and mercies which it appears he has made very real to you right now. That in itself is a huge answer to prayer. Our very best to you four.

Beth said...

Praying for you!

Amber Cowan said...

We are sorry to hear this happened to you and your family and thankful that you ALL survived. We will be praying for a peaceful recovery for your family. God bless you all!

Cowan Family

Christan Perona said...

Thank you so much for sharing the details. I had heard, but was anxious to hear from you. I love how even in the midst of this awful mess God is speaking his redemptive words to your heart... foot traffic on your block at midnight, water from neighbors, flowers in springtime. YOU have encouraged ME, Melanie. Bless you, friend.

Jane-Ellis Griggs said...

Melanie. I am so sorry to hear this. We are sad, but thankful that you all are healthy. George and I want to come pick up your laundry this week. When can we do this?

Much love,