Friday, September 24, 2010


We have had a wonderful week of celebrating Lillian turning 8. She requested the only dish Peter makes for dinner, Caesar Salad and a cookie cake. Well, played my little girl. It was a fabulous meal with Susan, Todd and the cousins. We all had so much fun and Lillian somehow is magically bigger, today. She had a great day at school. They had a field trip and she received balloons from Aunt Mellie at school. What could be cooler when you are 8? She is truly a delight and has brought so much color into our world. She got lots of money for her birthday and dying to go shopping for clothes and boots for winter. Many pictures to come. I'll leave you with one from her birthday with friends last weekend.


Andi said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! The Hendrix family loves you very much!

Sara D. said...

It was so sweet to see you guys picking Lillian up on Friday with her balloons streaming out the back of the truck (with the cute dog, of course). I hope she had a great day!