Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making Lemonade

Well, my friend Genna once told me that I was good at making lemons into lemonade. Looks like life is giving me another opportunity. Three out of four Maynors had a fever, tonight. We called off the 15 hour trek to New Jersey. Ouch! By we, I mean cute counselor husband told me it was a bad idea which I knew, but was trying to ignore. So, now I am unpacking and making a Thanksgiving menu for 4. The kids were so very upset. We will not even discuss the disappoint of 4 adults. So, we are on a 5 day staycation where we have nothing planned. Wow! I wish God left status updates about my life on Facebook. Not sure what He is up to, but trust that He knows what is best. Peter and I have tried to process our disappointment and reframe the weekend in a fun way. We need to bring our A game for the kiddos. I am hoping a dread illness is not in the works, but rather a mandated vacation of sorts. We will see... I am interested to see how it plays out. I hope it turns into one of those beautiful family memories that you just couldn't plan and are forever grateful for. I am hoping for beauty not just for my family, but also for the Pearsons. God loves to do that.

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amy said...

OH mel, I am so sorry!!! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving anyway!!!