Monday, November 23, 2009

The fun is about to begin

This Monday before Thanksgiving found me with a sickly Lillian. She woke with a headache and felt a little yuck. She stayed home and perked up throughout the day. So, I am planning on her feeling good enough for the last day of school before the break. Tomorrow holds more packing and cleaning for the guests staying with Copper. I will attend the Thanksgiving chapel, get a tour from Lillian of her pilgrim village, have a Thanksgiving feast with Grayson's class and hopefully work a little bit. We will pack up tomorrow night and wake very, very early Wednesday for a 15 hour drive to see our friends the Pearsons. They moved into a new house in New Jersey over the weekend. I am sure we will eat, work on their house and laugh. We spend much time laughing with the Pearsons. It would be very hard to determine which Maynor is most excited to see his/her favorite Pearson friend. So, this week finds me thankful for good friends. Nine years into our friendship we are still driving hours to see them. We have traveled coast to coast over the years for Pearson time. While the drive may be long, it is in a new direction with many new sites to see and lots of fun to be had by all. Hope your week is full of family, friends and lots of laughter, too. Happy Thanksgiving!


amy said...

have fun and drive careful!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so neat to have friends like that. Our close friends in college have moved to Birmingham in this last year and we are having fun together. Dianne and I hit the thrift shops together. FUN!