Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All in a day

This morning started about 2 a.m. for me and for Lillian.  She woke with a fever and an earache.  It took us a while to get her back to sleep and this morning I called the doctor for an appointment.  Peter took Grayson to school  He was thrilled to have daddy drive him and equally excited about his field trip to the pet shop.  He got to see lots of salt water fish and had a great day in 3K.  I enjoyed having Lillian all to myself for the morning.  We played some games on the computer and went to an antique shop.  We found out that she has an ear infection, so we started some antibiotics this afternoon.  She was in good spirits just a bit tired from the lack of sleep.  We had a girls only Target run then picked up Grayson from school.  I think he loved being quizzed by Lillian about his day.

We spent the afternoon playing and organizing.  I am still on my spring cleaning/organizing kick.  Thank goodness!  It needs to be done.  I moved tons of kiddo books from their room to the "art"  room on a new to us bookshelf that we purchased at the antique store.  I think it will be easier to keep organized and it is easier for the kids to access the books.  Yeah!  It also opens up an area for quiet reading.  They have been enjoying reading in that room when they wake up early or want some down time.  As I organized, the kids read to each other.  It was really a sweet day and I am looking forward to summer so I will see more of Lillian and the kids can play all day together.  Here are some pictures from the day and of the final product-book nook.  I am really excited about it!


Sara D. said...

Oooohhhh, I am so jealous!!! I am dying for a creative space, for me and the kids, which I think is what our dining room is going to become (since we NEVER use it). But it's overwhelming me just to think about how to tackle it. Hope Lillian is feeling better!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this in your sewing room? Great pictures.