Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ready to run!

A few months ago my friend Lisa,  cooked a a scheme to merge a yearly girls weekend with the St. Louis marathon.  Would I join the team?  Of course!  Well, one turned into three teams and there were many girls from the kid's school who were taking part.  We trained and Lisa got really good.  Much faster.  I seemed to get slower.  I was gone on the California trip and then got sick.  These seemed to be proving most unfortunate in the running plan.  Last weekend, we did our final long run before the big race.  We had all to run six miles or more.  Well, on the final run I did a little better.  I didn't walk which was huge.  So, my goals going into the weekend were about the same as always 1. Finish 2. Have fun!  3.  Not walk.  My dream would be to run fast!  

Lisa hosted a delightful pasta party last night and my friend Andrea C. and I did a little pump up routine in some 1970's orange track suits.  Oh so fun!  I came home feeling a little sick and thought I had a temp.  No, off to bed.  Up at 5:30 a.m. to a raining cool day.  We made it to the start line.  I was on the first leg with Lisa and her friend Kim.  I was determined to run as long as I could with Lisa.  So, I kept up for 4 plus miles at Lisa pace and had the fastest race of my life.  I am super proud of myself.  I honestly have no idea why I was faster.  I tried not to beat myself up along the way which helped.  I was honestly running on a little extra adrenaline from the rain.  I had dedicated the race to my friend Amy who is the mother of fours girls.  Her 2 year is ill and likely to be diagnosed with CF.  I called her on Friday and told her I was running for her as a show of support.  When it got hard, I just started thinking about Amy and how she is such a fighter.  I may need to run all of my races for Amy.  She helped.

Lisa, Kim and I hopped the Metro, grabbed coffee and a snack.  We then Metroed all over the race to cheer for our teammates.  We all met at the end and crossed the finish with our teams.  It was a really fun event.  I loved cheering for the Marathon and 1/2 marathon runners.  I loved running with so many friends and seeing them feel really good about themselves.  I loved running fast!  It was a great day!  I was so happy for a warm bath and a nap I can't tell you.  I woke with a fever.  Yuck!  Sweet husband Peter took care of the kids all day and cooked a yummy dinner.  He rocks!  So, what's next.  Peter and I are thinking about doing a Tri together in July.  Oh, boy!


amy said...

way to go mel!!!!!

Andi said...

you're awesome!

i didn't tell you that jack stood out in the rain for several minutes clapping for the runners & waiting for you to come by- in the rain. he kept asking where Mel was. he then decided you were "super fast" & had already passed by.