Monday, February 02, 2009

Spirit Week

This week is "spirit week" at the kids school. They are doing several service things and they get to dress up each day. Today, was clash day. I honestly think Lillian could pull this off with any outfit she ever wears to school, but today she took it up a notch. She looked awesome. In the morning rush, I did not take a picture. Grayson also dressed up and got to have his long awaited star day. It snowed on his star day last week and he was rescheduled for today. I stopped by for the last few minutes of class. The teacher told me he put on quite a show with his "electric" guitar. She said he must have watched the super bowl half time show. He did. So, they both had great days.

Peter went to pick Lillian up from school and Lillian called me screaming that she had won clash day. Apparently, there were two winners in each class. She and a little boy won in her class. She was over the top about this. She wants to win everyday this week. Wow! Anyway, I am glad her fashion sense was rewarded. She won a pink school t-shirt which also thrilled her. Tomorrow is pajama day. She has her outfit is planned. She wants me to put pink rollers in her hair to wear for the day. I am glad they are having fun. The school is all decorated for the week and this Thursday happens to be the 100th day of school. The kindergarten class has lots of celebrating planned for Thursday.

Check out the flickr link to the right for a few new pictures.


Lora said...

I never heard of he 100th day of school until the last year or so. When did this become a BIG DEAL! Tell your sweet daughter-WAY TO GO!

Jenn said...

I heard about Lillian's win. Chase told me all about it in the car!